Child Protection & Safeguarding

As an organisation committed to education transformation, we promote the safeguarding and welfare of all children and young people. This is why we need to implement a framework which is aligned to child right’s conventions, Malaysian government legislation, international best practices by UNICEF and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Because every child deserves a great future. 

Our Aims & Approach

At LeapEd, we believe all children have the right to a safe environment.

Our Child Protection and Safeguarding (CP & SG) policy, guidelines and procedures guide us and our stakeholders on their roles and responsibilities:


Our Child Protection & Safeguarding (CP & SG) policy, guidelines and procedures promote and prioritise the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. We provide the appropriate learning opportunities to recognise, identify and respond to signs of abuse, neglect and other safeguarding concerns relating to children and young people.



Our CP & SG policy, guidelines and procedures help create a child-safe organisation, promote the protection of children from abuse and exploitation and also provide guidance and process for handling allegations.



Ongoing learning and collaboration with external agencies through partnerships, sharing and raising awareness in various forms from training, advocacy and external partnership.

Is Child Protection & Safeguarding the Same?

There is a significant difference between Child Protection & Safeguarding:

Child Protection
(Proactive & Reactive)

  • is an integral part of the safeguarding and welfare process of a child.

  • is undertaken to enable actions to be put in place to protect specific children who are suffering, or are likely to suffer, significant harm.

  • is part of wider work to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.


  • protecting children from maltreatment or abuse of any kind.

  • extends beyond child protection to preventing the harm of children and thereby ensuring children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care.

Malaysian Agencies

Here are some links to the Malaysian agencies that are championing Child Protection and Safeguarding:

Resources & Readings

Here are some resources and reading materials that will help you understand more on the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies.

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