LeapEd designs in-service training programmes tailored to meet the needs of individual schools. Application of new learning and reflection on impact is an integral element of all our programmes, resulting in embedded change in practice and behavioural change in programme participants.

Our services to schools provide challenge and support in order to achieve improvement and transformation of practices. We promote collaborative partnerships with schools and the development of professional learning communities as well as rigorous self-improvement and embedded reflective practices amongst school leaders and teachers to ensure sustained improvement practices.

The services and products we provide include the following:


School Development & Improvement

We work with schools to develop customised improvement plans and identify the best approaches to monitor progress and achieve their goals.

Leadership & Teacher Development

We design and conduct a range of continuous professional development programmes that incorporate action plans for implementation and monitoring.

School Performance Monitoring

LeapEd employs custom-designed tools to evaluate current school performance, and introduce processes to accurately track progress on the school improvement journey.

Nurturing Student Potential

We design strategies that promote holistic student development. Our assessment tools measure student success across the curriculum and inform efforts in continuous improvement.

Strategic Advisory Support

Our team is experienced in supporting individual school improvement through to large-scale educational projects. We partner with you to develop bespoke solutions.

Development of Learning Materials

We have creative individuals in our company who produce a range of innovative materials to support learning. They also design programmes customised to the needs of your school.