(Ground-Up School Transformation)

About the Programme

This programme involved two schools from Perak and three from Pulau Pinang. It was uniquely designed based on the principles of holistic school transformation. Its efforts were scaled up progressively over a three-year period. 

GUSTO  is focused on schools whose students are mainly from  families and communities at the low-end of the socio-economic scale. In this project, teachers play a pivotal role in promoting positive change in their schools and work towards enhancing their teaching by receiving instructional leadership support from  Change Teachers in their respective schools.

This programme supports schools to:

  • Identify and build capacity in instructional leaders
  • Deliver high quality continuous professional development programmes
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • Create a high performing culture that builds collective teacher efficacy
  • Embed evidence-based practices to enable continuous and sustainable improvements

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