When teaching no longer sparks joy…

Being a teacher is one of, if not the most, noble profession in the world. The responsibility of educating and nurturing young minds, by which the fate of the future world will depend upon, is second to none. The fact that you are defining how your students view and understand the world and its content means that you are the one who is shaping what the future will be like.

But then, there will always be that thought inside your head that states “I can only do so much”. You feel that you have tried your best and have exhausted all avenues in ensuring the best education for the young minds under your care. You plough through, but there are still a few that are just not receiving what you are giving. That thought inside your head becomes louder and more persistent. And you are tired.

Here at LeapEd Academy, we understand and appreciate this because it tells us that you are committed to your profession. It is common knowledge that the very first step of solving a problem is to first admit that there is a problem.

Backed by hundreds of years of collective experience in the realm of education within our team, we meticulously designed the Foundation to Coaching programme to equip participants with basic knowledge and coaching tools based on the e-GROW Framework. We believe that coaching is the most important skill a teacher can possess in order to become most effective.

Our knowledge is reinforced by the fact that we have 10 years of experience designing and executing education transformation programmes in hundreds of schools across Malaysia through different programmes that have impacted more than 6500 education professionals.

Towards the same objective, all involved parties must be a team. Our Foundation to Coaching programme enables leaders (read: Teachers) to understand the importance of being more effective in motivating their team members (read: Students) and connecting with them on a deeper level.

It will help you to create a coaching culture in your classroom. It will enable you to implement effective and positive coaching skills to enhance your team’s strengths and capabilities.

Which is why we said what we have said. You teach the students, and you must also learn from them because in order to make the team successful, the leader and the team member must always support and learn from each other.

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