Top 4 Tips to be a Manager

You have been working diligently to climb the career ladder and it has been a hard and tedious journey. One day, you receive the long-awaited news in the mail – you have just been promoted to a manager. You are over-the-moon and feel you deserve this. Then, amid the hand-shakes and well wishes from your boss and colleagues, you suddenly gulp as you realise the daunting task of managing a team of your own.

We, at LeapEd Academy, understand your situation. It is a different ball game to lead a team than to be someone contributing to the team. How do you lead those who used to be your co-workers, earn their respect, and still maintain a healthy working relationship? Have a read through these top 4 tips that we have put together for you:

1. Big Picture

One of the most important skills to have as a manager is the ability to articulate the big picture and ensure the team can connect to it. When a team is clear on where they are heading, all you need to do is remove the obstacles along their path. By sharing the big picture clearly, you will ensure your team will be able to deliver what you need, when you need it.

2. Building Relationships

During this pandemic, people are opting to work from home more. The line between work life and home life is blurred, and both you and your team must navigate this, without compromising on deadlines and deliverables. Like it or not, knowing your team member as a total person instead of a work staff only, will enable you to manage him or her better. Occasional lunch or tea hang outs the Malaysian way is a great way to get to know them. And you can even do this online too!

3. Leadership Skills

Learning never stops. And the good news is, the basic skills needed as a manager in the 21st century are probably the same throughout time –  for example, be a good listener, among others. Upskill yourself by reading leadership development books that are available online, attend leadership courses or even find a mentor who can help you. Practice these skills as you learn them, and you can observe your own growth.

4. Lead by Example

The best tip of all is to lead your team by example. Being a manager does not mean you do less work. Let your team be inspired by your work ethics – this is probably why you were promoted in the first place. Always make time to upskill your team too, as you practice Tip No. 3 above. This will generate a great deal of respect from your team and motivate them to do their best as well.

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