Every child deserves quality education. Every generation deserves relevant education. At LeapEd, we define quality and relevance as centering around providing opportunities for children to develop their true potential, to be a good human being and to lead their communities.

Focusing on sustainability and scalability, LeapEd’s Philosophy of Education Transformation promotes and enables sustainable learning communities that are nurturing, caring and engaged. This in turn will underpin the development of each child to unleash their character, capacity and capability.

As a social enterprise, we are always looking to create broader and deeper impact. We work through collaborative partnerships in support of holistic development of children and to this end, we certainly welcome anybody who wants to collaborate, to reach out to us.

Let me take this opportunity to extend my sincerest appreciation to the entire collaborative teams – LeapEd, Yayasan AMIR, Ministry of Education, all private sector partners and participants, all Trust Schools communities…. this list is not exhaustive – for their endless contribution, dedication and involvement in constructing the journey towards transforming the Malaysian Education landscape.



The responsibility of imparting education to our children does not only lie on the teachers at school, but indeed incumbent on all the members of community. LeapEd, established as a social enterprise since 2010, believe in the power of collaboration to yield incredible outcomes.

Through our Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) with Ministry of Education Malaysia, Yayasan AMIR and other organisations and corporates, we have embarked on significant school-wide transformation projects in transforming the learning experience for our children.

Together, we help to transform schools into places where young Malaysians can empower themselves, enhance creativity and improve self-confidence as they cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

As we fully understand the importance of communities’ involvement towards a better learning experience, we need more hands and minds to create more paths to success. It takes a village to raise a child, and certainly it will take a country to raise a generation.

If you’re as passionate about education as we are, let’s blaze a trail and join us in this journey. Make an impact today by engaging in education transformation to make a difference!

Managing Director