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There could be a few reasons why you’re receiving this error message. Below are a few common causes (and fixes) for those running into this error:
  • Canceled payment: You attempted to make a purchase but cancelled it while in the payment gateway screen.
  • Connectivity Issues: Confirm your internet connection is working properly. Connectivity issues can cause this error. Trying again in a minute or two often bypasses this temporary error.
  • Out of date browser: Make sure you’re using a supported browser that is up to date.
  • Clear your browser's cache & cookies.
  • Browser extensions or add-ons: If you've tried the above & are still getting the same error, it's likely an extension on your browser is the culprit. Please disable any browser extensions or add-ons, as they may be interfering with the site.
  • Try checking to see if you’re receiving the same error across multiple browsers, devices, or internet connections. This is a good way to pinpoint where the issue might be originating.
Still having trouble? Contact us and list the troubleshooting steps you’ve taken so we can assist you further.

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