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We operate as a social enterprise and are Malaysia’s first homegrown Education Service Provider.  We undertake education transformation programmes and projects that support school leaders, teachers, students, parents and the wider community. 

Our education transformation activities are closely aligned to the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013 – 2025 (MEB) and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

OUR Mission StatementBecause every child deserves a great future

Our aim is to develop schools that embed sustainable education practices in order to produce holistic students with 21st century competencies. 

We work closely with our strategic partners – Yayasan AMIR and the Ministry of Education Malaysia, in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) that focuses on whole-school transformation and student-centred learning, to realise the individual potential of every learner.  

Since our establishment in 2010, we have designed and implemented various education models such as the District Transformation Programme-AMAN (DTP-AMAN), Islamic School Enhancement Programme (ISEP), Ground-up School Transformation (GUSTO) programme, Program Sekolah Transformasi (PreSTasi) as well as the nation’s pioneering Trust Schools Programme (TSP). These programmes have since impacted over 190,000 students, 8,800 teachers and 162 schools across 13 states nationwide. 

call for collaborationJoin us in transforming education across Malaysia and beyond

We have a team of 100+ dedicated professionals ready to help, with subject matter experts from Malaysia and around the world, who have worked in or with education systems across the ASEAN region, Europe, China, India, the Middle East, North America, and Africa. If you are as passionate about education as we are, join us on this life-altering journey.

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a Corporate, NGO or a foundation looking to make meaningful and measurable social impact through education

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a School Leader, Teacher or corporate executive looking for professional development programmes

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