LeapEd Core Series – Middle Leadership Session

Earlier this year, for LeapEd Core Series, we had successfully organised the first introduction session to the Middle Leaders. Ms Vijeeta, a teacher in an international school, shared her feelings and experience attending the session. 

How do you feel about the session you attended at Menara TM?

This module was great and the materials and resources that were provided to us were appropriate and extensive. The course content was just right, and it was all very easy to understand and unpack. Middle Leaders will be able to learn a lot from what is shared, and they will understand some of the key skills and elements that are needed in order to be an inspiration to their colleagues. I also believe meeting other Middle Leaders or teachers aspiring to be Middle Leaders is a nice way to learn different strategies about how to be better, because, when it comes to being a leader, there is never really one right answer, and you can always learn from others.

What do you plan to do with your new knowledge?

I plan to incorporate what I have learnt from this module into my CPD training sessions with my colleagues and fellow middle leaders from different departments. When it comes to teaching, and especially when accommodating children with Special Educational Needs, the aim is to encourage teachers to give children with special needs a chance, and teach with a positive attitude – and this module helped make that requirement a reality for me.

What else was a positive aspect for you?

Another aspect that supported my learning were the clear pre-course arrangements. I knew what to expect prior to attending the course, the sign-up process and communication was easy and simple, I knew where I had to go, and the pre-task was a great idea as we had to think about our roles and current practices before attending the course – this was great as I knew exactly what to do, ahead of time, and I like this aspect.

Final thoughts and impressions?

Overall, this course was beneficial, and I would recommend it to anyone! I am definitely going to go back and share everything I learnt from this module with colleagues, because there is always a different way of looking at things and there is always hope when it comes to getting better. Sometimes, all we need is a little boost to be better leaders.