5 Ways to Well-being

As schools reopen, society is again faced with new challenges. For parents and teachers, this can become overwhelming, as we are faced with new routines, expectations, and we are again concerned about keeping our children safe.

Our children need an effective parent at home, and teacher in the classroom, but poor mental health can manifest in sickness or lack of productivity. If we are to maintain the energy, enthusiasm, and health to take care of our children, we must take time to care for ourselves.

It has never been more important for those working with children to take care of themselves, and their mental wellbeing. It must start before it is too late.

'5 ways to wellbeing’ are simple evidence-informed strategies we can all use to keep ourselves healthy.

1. Connect – make sure that you are talking with the people around you. These connections are the ‘cornerstones' of your life and investing time in developing them will enrich your day. Make time to connect with people at home and at work.

2. Be Active – time invested in your physical well-being will help your mental well-being. In this digital age, it is also a time away from screens and a chance to unplug.

3. Take Notice – take some time to look around, and notice how you feel. Reflection can help us understand situations more fully and give us the distance to think clearly when we are overwhelmed.

4. Keep Learning –whilst the last 18 months have felt like a huge learning curve for many - this is a good thing for our well-being! Learning new things can increase our confidence and can be fun – think about a new hobby, a course, or learn a new language!

5. Give – Doing something to help other people can give a wonderful sense of satisfaction and help us feel more connected. Smile at others and lend a hand! You will also feel a reward.

These 5 actions can positively enhance your wellbeing, and research has proven it! You don’t have to do it all at once but look for small opportunities to increase your own mental wellbeing step-by-step. If you would like to find out more, read the full 5-steps to Well-being report here .