The Trust Schools Programme (TSP) is a comprehensive and sustainable school transformation programme aimed at improving student outcomes and re-vitalising school culture. This is achieved through addressing the five dimensions focusing on learners, classrooms, schools, community and the system. For this programme, LeapEd collaborates with Yayasan AMIR and the Ministry of Education Malaysia through Public-Private-Partnerships.

For education transformation in Malaysia to be truly effective, any proposed implementation would need to impact all three components of our state education system – the Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri (JPN), the Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah (PPDs) and the Schools. The Malaysia Education Blueprint also advocates for transformation of JPNs and PPD; though most of the transformation efforts over the years have concentrated solely on the schools. This is where DTP- AMAN comes in.

The Islamic School Enhancement Programme intervention specifically focuses on improving practices to enable teachers, school leaders, administrators and students to be guided and supported based on a holistic development approach model. The practices include collaboration with relevant stakeholders such as parents, industry and communities.

The Ground-up School Transformation (GUSTO) programme is a collaborative project between the State Education Departments of Perak and Pulau Pinang, Yayasan AMIR, LeapEd Services and Teach for Malaysia.  The project involves two schools from Perak (SMK Kamunting and SMK Kuala Kurau) and three from Pulau Pinang (SMK Permatang Tok Labu, SMK Jelutong and SMK Taman Sejahtera).

Program Sekolah Transformasi (PreSTasi) is a nationwide school improvement initiative by the Ministry of Education (MOE). LeapEd was appointed the education service provider in this programme to upskill 400 MOE officers comprising those in the Senior Leadership Team as well as the Educational Learning Infrastructural Team.