Associate Coach Programme (ACP)

This programme aims to develop coaching communities of practice to build capacity and enhance productivity, using the eGROWp model.

Mission - an ICF-certified Coaching team committed to:

  • Inspiring people with our passion, professionalism and enthusiasm
  • Promoting inclusiveness through group coaching, coaching clinics and online coaching services
  • Fostering a high level of integrity and accountability through effective monitoring & evaluation of coaching
  • Delivering a wide range of innovative, specialised coaching training to meet the needs of both the education sector and corporate world

This programme will support you to:

  • Apply coaching strategies and tools to have effective coaching conversations
  • Apply the 11 ICF competencies and coaching power tools in a coaching session
  • Conduct structured formal coaching sessions based on the 10 Key Stages

Topics covered:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Coaching
  • Module 2: Ready to Coach
  • Module 3: Coach in Action

    Mode of delivery: Face to face – 60 hours

    • Training (7 days x 8 hours) = 56 hours
    • Coaching Clinics (4 sessions x 1 hour each) = 4 hours

      Mode of delivery: Face to face – 2 days

      • Online Training (9 days x 5 hours) = 45 hours
      • Online Training (9 days x 5 hours) = 45 hours