Executive Director’s Message

"Screw your courage to the sticking place. And we'll not fail." Shame that's from one of Shakespeare's biggest villains, but maybe we don't have to channel our inner Lady Macbeth to draw positive inspiration. 2020 was indeed a year in which we had to muster our courage – failure simply wasn't an option.

The Management buyout (MBO) in itself was a daunting task. Add a global pandemic, economic slowdown, social upheaval and a pinch of political uncertainty, and we have a recipe for distress. But every cloud has a silver lining.

Take digital learning, which has been accelerated by the pandemic. While nobody would argue that technology could or should ever replace the in-person learning experience, there is no doubt EdTech is here to stay. At LeapEd, we understand it isn’t just about hardware, but there is a critical need to ensure our students have the awareness and skills to deal with the risks and opportunities of the digital world. Hence, we developed our ground-breaking CyberWira e-learning programme, ready to launch in 2021.

Another silver lining is the realisation that online learning requires independent and self-directed learners. With schools closed, we finally see the stark need to shift away from teacher-centred classrooms and over-reliance on standardised testing.

Finally, while lockdowns have caused prolonged separations from friends and family, the situation has ironically drawn many of us closer together. It has made us value and make more effort with our social interactions. For parents, it has definitely increased their appreciation of the role of schools, while teachers now see that parental engagement is vital. We must build on these relationships moving forward. So yes, it is a brave new world. And fortune favours the brave. So let’s screw our courage to the sticking place. And we’ll not fail.