Executive Director’s Message

LeapEdians... I’m so proud of the way we persevered through 2020 given the multitude of challenges that came our way. This past year has proven that we are indeed agile, nimble and ready to pivot. Everyone had to understand, accept and adapt to new ways of living, working, studying and playing. We all rose to the occasion and stepped up to help one another in different ways.

Technology was a challenge at first, but we were tenacious to ensure we deliver on our promises to our stakeholders and beneficiaries. We worked around the clock to ensure all the tools and resources were ready and available to be deployed wherever and whenever needed. Old boundaries blurred as we began to think and work ‘outside the box’ to achieve true professional collaboration. As a result, we were able to meet our objectives and targets despite the disruptions, and we will strive to scale even greater heights in the months and years ahead.

Kudos to every educator, whether you are a teacher, lecturer, or a parent - you inspire us every day to keep going. We are committed to shaping a better world for our children with you, and we gain strength from the knowledge that we are not alone.